for Sporadic E, sunspots, contests, and getting away from the XYL Shack Snacks

…because we’re good in the kitchen too!

Shack Snacks!

So wait… in my professional life, I make food television. I’ve made and cut food shows for commercial television and SBS. So something that you won’t find on many – if any amateur radio websites, are simple recipes you can make!


The recipes presented here are ones that I’ve come across over the years that I personally like and have made. They have few ingredients and take no time to prepare. They’ve all been made and tested by yours truly and come with a guarantee of deliciousness – if there is such a word. I might even add more involved recipes as time goes by.


If you have a favourite that you nibble on while on the radio, then send me the recipe. I’ll make it, photograph it, and if it’s to club standard, publish it. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and please let me know what you think if you make one!


One final word… Don’t talk with your mouth full!