70cm 432.432 MHz currently testing

VK3RST beacon – Mt. Martha


Last Updated on January 23, 2022

VK3RST is a new beacon project by a group of microwave amateur radio operators. It was first licenced in January 2022. It’s planned to make the beacon a multi-frequency beacon including the microwave bands.


Beacons provide two invaluable services to the amateur radio community. Firstly they’re a great way to assess band propagation and secondly, they are a great way to adjust receivers and preamps. VK3RST will also fill a gap as there are very few beacons in the region.

What’s the current status?

The beacon is currently being tested for stability and longevity. It’s currently up on test without the final PA. As adjustments are being made you may or may not hear it. It’s GPS locked and solid. The PA will be added in due course. Currently, it’s being heard up to 100km from Mt Martha.

Timely updates will be provided on this page as the project develops.

More VK Beacon information at the WIA site.

VK3RST Site Mt Martha - Greenkeepers view
VK3RST Site Mt Martha - Greenkeepers view