Every radio shack, big or small, needs a mascot. If for no other reason than to remind you about interference. Meet Manly aka Snowball. He’s a 10yo rescue cat from the RSPCA who has mastered the art of communication. Literally. Not only does he knock at the external shack door, he can also open the sliding cavity door single pawedley to find his way to the warmth of the IC9100.

3FS Shack Mascot Manly sitting on Icom IC9000

Right at home on the Icom IC-9100

There’s a rumor that the Icom IC9100 runs warm. Well, it’s sort of a fact as “Manly” the shack cat will testify to. In recent times Manly t has taken to space on top of the IC9100. It’s warm to touch normally, and after working a bit of HF in the early morning there’s no better place to perch than here. Keeps the paws warm apparently.

3FS Shack Mascot Manly nesting in the shack

Just when you think the bands are at their lowest, the shack cat will supervise operation of the station. His skill in distraction, destruction, and ability to block the screen or radio currently in use is second to none.

What solar minimum?

3FS Shack Mascot What solar minimum?

As we all turn to the digital modes because of the lowest solar flux in recent times, Manly disputes the fact that we’re at the end of solar cycle 24. Having said that, he is looking forward to some new sunspot activity to kick of cycle 25, but as you can see, he’s in no hurry.

Every shack needs a mascot!