Picture of IC-7300 with FT8 screen behind it

Icom IC-7300 Digital setup for WSJT-X

Last Updated on December 30, 2021

IC-7300 Digital setup for WSJT-X
Picture of an IC-7300 sitting on a workbench

Icom’s IC-7300 has been around for a while now, January 2016 to be precise. It was the first SDR which utilised a revolutionary new feature – a programmable, real-time spectrum scope. It’s quite capable of utilising the FT8 mode using the WSJT-X software and the built-in USB port.  The IC-7300 digital setup for WSJT-X has proved to be confusing as the WSJT-X software and the firmware for the IC-7300 change. Hopefully, this page will help.

The IC-7300 was the first of Icom’s new radios featuring SDRs and the more PC friendly controlling systems. It’s a little clunky compared to the modern batch of IC-9700 and IC-705 radios as it only uses one USB port where the new radios use two, and it has also missed out on WiFi and Lan control. Having said that, it’s still one of the best radios Icom has released.

WSJT-X (radio tab)
  • Serial Port: The com port your radio is on
  • Baud Rate: 115200
  • Data Bits: Default
  • Stop Bits: Default
  • Handshake: Default
  • Force Control Lines: Both blank
  • PTT Method: CAT
  • Mode: Data/PKT
  • Split operation: None
Picture of the WSJTX Radio tab
WSJT-X (audio tab)
  • Input/Output set to the 7300’s USB device
Picture of the WSJTX Audio tab
WSJT-X Waterfall
  • Bins/Pixel: 3 or 4
  • Start: 200 or 300 Hz
  • N Avg: 2
  • Palette: Whatever works for you
  • Cumulative
  • Flatten: checked
  • Ref Spec: unchecked
  • Spec 30%
  • Sliders on default/centre except upper-right adjust to taste, 50% is pictured
Image of the WSJT-X Waterfall
IC-7300 radio settings

IMPORTANT: Make sure your IC-7300 power output is set to 100%. You can turn the power down through the WSJT-X software.

  • Mode: USB-D
  • Filter Bandwidth set to widest possible (3.6k), sharp falloff
  • Function menu: AGC, NR, NB, Notch, Preamps, Vox, etc all turned off
  • Display typically set to waterfall + Meter
  • Set -> Connectors:
    • ACC/USB Output Select: AF
    • ACC/USB AF Output Level: 10-30% (adjust as needed for band, noise level)
    • ACC/USB AF SQL: Off (Open)
    • ACC/USB AF Beep: Off
    • ACC/USB IF Output Level: 50%
    • ACC Mod Level: 50%
    • USB Mod Level: 40%
    • Data Off Mod: MIC,ACC
    • Data Mod: USB
    • CI-V:
      • CI-V Baud Rate: Auto
      • CI-V Address: 94h
      • CI-V Transceive: ON
      • CI-V USB->Remote Transceive Address: 00h
      • CV-V Output (for ANT): Off
      • CI-V Baud Port: Unlink from [REMOTE]
      • CI-V USB Baud Rate: 115200
      • CI-V USB Echo Back: On
    • USB Serial Function: CI-V
    • RTTY Decode Baud Rate: 19200
    • USB Send/Keying: All Off except Inhibit Timer
Photo of an IC-7300 in a rack
Brochure pic of IC-7300 on shelf