3FS 6m splat map

RF Splat Maps

An RF Splat Map is a visual representation of how radio signals propagate from a given location based on surrounding typography.

There are many online and offline splat map generators around, but one of the simplest and easiest to use is one called Radio Mobile by Roger Coudé. He asks that you set up an account which then stores your maps for future reference. Only amateur radio bands are supported, and the site allows many locations and many bands.

The application of an app like this is limitless. It’s perfect for portable operations such as field days as you can get a visual representation of where your RF is likely to reach. Also, you may want to know what the possibility is of reaching a repeater, or another amateur’s station. The ability to plot multiple sites is also of great benefit.

Point to Point Link Maps

Repeater Link Path 3FS 3RSP

If you’ve ever wanted to know if your signal is going to make it from one location to another, then use the ‘Link’ option in the main menu. Simply add the Latitude and longitude and save the location in your settings then plot the path between sites specifying frequency, TX power, antenna information etc. Not only will you see a signal plot, you’ll also path details and a map!