40m VDSL line filter

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40m VDSL filter

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Here you can purchase a collection of components for the 40m VDSL line filter described on this site. This is NOT a complete kit, just some of the more fiddly parts to get hold of.

What you’re buying here is:
1 x 100pf 3KV ceramic capacitor
1 x FT37-61 toroid ring and
a length of 0.4mm enamel wire (28 B&S)

You will need to provide the RJ12 double adaptor and an offcut of phone cable from an old handset.


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1 review for 40m VDSL line filter

  1. Clint Jeffrey

    Just been made aware of this line filter, I have a Telstra Gen 3 Smart Modem, recently I have been getting a lot of NBN dropouts once the DSL line re-connects the Modem goes through some sort of a rebooting process but it produces wide band noise multiple data nodes across the 160 to 80, not sure about 40. But once it settles down and the DSL connection is good I have a level of white noise right across 160 through to 80, if I remove the DSL line the noise floor drops!!….I’ve only just recently discovered this…anyway if this filter can be adapted to clear up this blastered noise I’ll be happy….Clint – VK3CSJ

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