Facebook Groups for the Australian Amateur Radio Operator

Social Media certainly has its pros and cons. If you’re an active VK Amateur Radio Operator then if you’re a member of the Facebook community, you’ll find some terrific groups which you can join. Most of these groups are closed groups, meaning you have to apply to join them, but once in, you’ll open up a world of opportunities. There are some terrific Facebook Groups for VK so if you know of any groups that I haven’t listed hear, then feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to know.

Last Updated on October 1, 2019

VK 10-6-2m Operations

Facebook Groups for VK - VK 10-6-2m Operation

The aim of the VK 10-6-2m Operation Group is to promote the operation of Amateur communication/experimentation on the 2m – 6m – 10m bands. If you turn notifications on, you’ll receive messages on your favourite device when these bands open.

The VK DMR Network

Facebook Groups for VK - The VK DMR Network

The aim of the The VK DMR Network is to join up users and prospective users of the Australian DMR Amateur Radio Network (formerly known as DMR-MARC)The group does not host code plugs/programming files that allow tx on any frequency outside the 2m and 70cm bands.

SDR Play

This group is an Independent group for all owners and future owners of the SDRPlay-RSP radio. We are a discussion group. We do try to help with questions pertaining to issues and troubleshooting. This is a fairly large group with a lot of friendly and very knowledgeable members. If you do need help please post your operating system and the program you are using to drive the SDRplay (SDRUno, SDR-console, sdr# or hdsdr)

Yaesu Fusion Aus-Repeater-Net

AUS-REPEATER-NET is a Yaesu System Fusion Network.
The network is in Melbourne Australia. and will have 11 repeaters connected to the room (24160) in DN mode giving the ham radio community hand held radio coverage within Melbourne metropolitan and surrounding suburbs.

Australia Amateur Radio Buy/Swap/Sell/Wanted

Australia Amateur Radio Buy/Swap/Sell/Wanted

Australian Amateur Radio Buy/Swap/Sell/Wanted. The admin of the page will check your name on the ACMA database. You must be a licenced amateur to be a member of this page.

Oceanic VHF, UHF & Microwave Long Distance Amateur Radio

Oceania VHF, UHF & Microwave Long Distance Amateur Radio, is a page designed for people based in the Oceania region who are interested in exploiting rare and abnormal (anomalous) radio propagation paths of all types to establish long distance communication beyond what is usually considered to be ‘normal’ on bands from 6m through to 10 GHz and beyond.
Please share all your activity, photos, experience, tips, advice. Ask or answer questions that may help assist others and promote the activity that VHF and above operators enjoy and help attract new people to the hobby.